About Us

Our history

Three friends, a common passion, fashion, daring to wear what others don’t wear, but even more, showcasing the work of artisans from around the world. Those who decide to live from their passion and make a living out of it. We work with talented artists and we offer them a platform to discover their work, their works.

Tabiri is much more than fashion accessories, it is the values ​​that represent all those who work for the success of the company: perseverance, positivity, confidence and passion.

Our mission

TABIRI is a word in Swahili which means to see far, to predict, to foresee. Everyone who comes into contact with Tabiri therefore enters into this positive and caring atmosphere for the future.

Tabiri is a company that sells unique and mostly handmade fashion accessories. Not only are we aware of the environment, but on top of that we want to add value to our customers. We promote daring, getting out of your comfort zone, doing what you don’t do every day and experimenting with new adventures. The Tabiri adventure is colorful, stands out and more than that, it embellishes the person who kisses it. We are supporters of self-confidence, like our craftsmen, we want to reveal the beauty of our customers through Arusha earrings for example, or personalized bracelets from the Sabin or MZ collection.

What Our Clients Say
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