Our goal is to highlight the work of these artists whose work is neglected, or who are simply unknown to the public. This is why we are giving you a portrait of these people who make Tabiri what it is.


Mampasa Soumare, whom we call MZ, is a Burkinabe, whom we met directly in the Zandu market. He is a person who exudes craftsmanship. He is passionate and dedicated to his job. Moreover, it was in search of new opportunities that he found himself in the market of Kinshasa, in Congo.

He’s been part of our journey from the start and his bracelets and necklaces are customer favourites.


Sabin is a Congolese artist, originally from Kivu, the province that is full of minerals. He chose to live from his passion in the great capital of Kinshasa.

We caught up with him while he was in action. His wooden watches and his avant-garde spirit won us over and he has been part of the TABIRI adventure ever since. In your opinion, what are the parts that are unique to it?

Mister Wax

Mister Wax is an Ivorian brand. She was part of our adventure for a season. The handbags made by the craftsmen of this brand are magnificent and marked our entry into the world of accessories, other than handbags. He is a collaborator who is dear to us…

Genti Luxery

Genti Luxery is a Kenyan brand specializing in leather bags combined with Wax fabrics. The owner, Rodrigue, is also a passionate person, who would like to make his work known beyond his country. That’s why we’re working together for its expansion.

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